Concrete5 8.5.4 Express Entity Selector Missing

Concrete5 8.5.4 Express Entity Selector Missing

Express Entity Page Attribute Doesn't Have Drop Down List to Choose From

Using a brand new install of v8.5.4

Created an Express data object with three attributes and added two entries.

Created two new page types and added the same Express Entity page attribute to each one.

When creating a new page from the new page type Composer shows NO drop down to pick a Data Object entry from the Data Object which has two entries.

See the attached PDF...

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fridayphoto replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello, I am having this issue as well. It's not identical but the same root problem: No options showing up for selection of an express entity page attribute.

I have two items that should appear in a dropbox, but no dropbox appears.

I made a screenvid of the issue and my setup. Skip to 1:30 if you want to see the main issue (without all the pre-amble).

Screen vid link:
jfhencken replied on at Permalink Reply
I created a bug report at:
Please go there and add your approval [+] so someone who can fix this will take notice when enough people show they can reproduce this bug.