Concrete5 For Member Association Site?

I'm wondering if concrete5 is the right CMS for a membership site. The client is a non-profit member association site so funds are quite limited. The current website consists of a private member's only section and a public section. There are two membership group types: Lifetime (no fee), regular memberships (annual fee). Regular members becomes Lifetime members after certain number of years. All members get the same privileges except Lifetime members do not require renewal. Renewal is annual on a specific date.

Member's area includes:
* A Business listing directory page that displays to other members and their home/company contact info in alphabetical order
* A separate page listing all members' emails in alphabetical order (by last name)
* Membership renewal application form
* Conference/event registration forms
* Forum
* Member profile/account link for updating profile/listing

Public area includes:
* Business listing page displaying similar info to guests as in the member's only listing except no personal info displayed. Listings are sorted by locale/state, then by last name. Contact a member link via contact form - no emails are available to public/bots for spam/harvesting.
* Member benefits description page and membership application form.
* Conference and events registration forms.

Also needed:
* Member application form (registration) asks detailed information for qualification purposes. Once completed, is automatically entered into database and form results are emailed to membership chair-persons to review. Upon approval/manual activation, specific membership info that was entered into application (and sent to database) is used to populate profile/business listing (as noted above).
* If a member updates his account info, the business listings would automatically be updated for both member and public areas.
* If member does not renew, profile/user deactivation results in the member information no longer appearing in member/guest business listings.

For now, credit card processing is handled by a third-party so once someone completes the membership application or conference/event registration, they are redirected to a different page/site and not allowed to log in until they are approved.

I realize it sounds like a lot but after looking at concrete5 and trying it out a bit, it looks like there is much potential. I'm just too new to make that call to switch from current CMS to concrete5. Would appreciate it if someone could tell me if concrete5 is right for this membership site.


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PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, you should be able to do all these things, if you use the right add-ons. For the paid subscriptions / memberships part of your project, I suggest taking a look at this add-on:

Concrete itself has a built-in public profile system with private messaging. You can add custom attributes to user accounts, too.

There are also plenty of other addons - some free, some paid - that will help you with what you need.
311Media replied on at Permalink Reply
I need to expand the user fields/database with similar needs as listed on this thread. Subscription is just a tiny part of the deal... anyone?
munish replied on at Permalink Reply
I have similar needs, trying to move Buddypress website to Concrete5 and in addition need to have geolocation based directory. What CMS did you use ?
webaanleg replied on at Permalink Reply
The addon suggested above is no longer supported.

There is now an add-on which might suit your needs: