Conditional Rules not working

Hi all,

I am trying to build a set of conditional rules based on the answers to a previous question i present to the user. In effect i am trying to hide all non relevant follow on questions based on the answer of Q1. My goal is to reduce the amount of info presented to the user based on previous answers e.g. Q1 which country, then Q2 which state in the country, then Q3 which city within the state. My question flow looks like this:

Answer A
Answer B
Answer C

Q2 subset of A hide if Q1 = B or C

Q3 subset of B hide if Q1 = A or C

Q4 subset of C hide if Q1 = A or B

I am using radio buttons, The problem i am facing is that the IF THEN logic always presents more than one of the following questions when i have asked it to hid them and no matter how i order the logic or choose drop down, radio or another option it never presents only 1 follow on option.

Thanks in advance for your time.

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