Convert Wordpress Site to Concrete5

Hi Team..

I have a client who has a word press website no blog.. But does have around 100 pages of text procedures etc..

Now I wounder If their is a way to convert a word press site with pages/content/layout directly into a concrete5 site?

I can re-create the theme he currently uses in concrtete5 But it will take quite a while to manually add all the pages in order and copy and paste the content between.

So What I am after i guess is a SQL export/import for wordpress to concrte5 is this possible? I need to import the following infromation of every page

old New
Name: > Page Name
Tab1: > tab1 >content block >
Page: h1 title:
Page: info-left content (text)
Tab2: >tab2 > Content Block >
Page: h1 title:
Page: info-left content (text)
tab3: > etc...

And then import them into the relevant sections on the new site.
With the page names etc

Thanks for any help.
Carl Lee

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triplei replied on at Permalink Reply
Have you taken a look at

I have used it for blog posts, but I do know that it has an interface for pulling in the pages as well. I've had varying amounts of success depending on the data coming from the WordPress side but it could at least be a good starting point.

I recently imported a blog with quite a few posts where the images did not get imported properly so I ended up writing a script to update all the content and links. Using the code above certainly is a good place to start from.

Hopefully that helps out :)