create page in sitemap using programmatically in concrete5

I have created a custom package in this package I am import data from CSV and when CSV data will import. A single page should be created on the site map.
I have applied code in the controller file where the import function is working.

$page2 = SinglePage::add('/product_sel_signin', $pkg);


efine('AREA_HANDLE', 'Main content');
// CT object of future new pages (argument for Page->add()
$ct = CollectionType::getByHandle('Product Page');
// Begin foreach

$strName = 'New Test Page';
$sqlDate = '11/19/20';

$objPage = $objParent->add($ct, array('uID' => 1, 'cName' => $strName, 'cHandle' => $txt->sanitizeFileSystem($strName), 'cDatePublic' => $sqlDate));

// If an error in adding a page
if(!ToolKit::isValidPage($objPage)) continue;

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jibranahmed replied on at Permalink Reply
That's amazing. Well there are many tools where you can make Sitemap online too.