Creating a new area with with multiple columns/editable blocks

Thanks to help from the forums, I know how to add a new area to a site. Now I'm looking to find out how to have the new area include 2,3, or 4 columns so I can have more than one editable block in that area. For exampe: I'd like to add an area to the topmost part of the site and be able to add a login block, search block, and perhaps a social links block inline with each other horizontal, not vertically.

Thanks so much for any help.

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triplei replied on at Permalink Reply
There are a couple of ways to accomplish this. You could create some extra divs that are side by side and then put an area in each. This would give you the most control over the markup and layout.

Or, you could target each of those blocks with css and float them beside each other.

Or, you could split the area into multiple areas using layouts. There's some more information on Areas in the Editors documentation here:

Hopefully that gets you going in the right direction :)
adajad replied on at Permalink Reply
@triplei has some good points, but I would like to add that the best and most secure way is to edit your page types with divs instead of using the layout tool. Layouts tend to be a bit messy after a while, imo.