Deleting custom Attribute Types


I created custom attribute types. I was testing things and trying to understand how this works. Then I wanted to delete them so I removed the attribute type directory in the directory local_concrete_install/models/attribute/types/

But when I came back to the dashboard the attribute types that I created are style in the attribute types list.

I know in my database there is a table called "AttributeTypes" where I can still see the attibute types I would like to delete.

My question is: shall I just delete these 2 entries from the table "AttributeTypes" or is there a way to do this without directly modifying the database?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions

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ThemeGoodness replied on at Permalink Reply
Probably the best way would be to delete them via dashboard under page types and each individual attribute. This will remove them from the database as well I believe.

If you have to delete them from the database manually it is possible and works just a pain to go in phpadmin for it imo.

Ricalsin replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, you would go into the AttributeTypes db and delete their entry, this would cause them not to show in the "Manage Attribute Types" section of the Sitewide Settings page in the dashboard. Deleting the attribute from within the dashboard within any of the categories in which they have been associated (User, Pages, Files or any custom Category you made) would have done this (and more) for you. Short of that, you can simply go to the (same) Manage Attribute Types Dashboard page and uncheck them from being associated with any Categories at all. Either of those steps would cause them not to be displayed in the dropdown menu for attribute creation - and future error messages when clicking on it.