DEV site moved, now images missing from file manager - can you force a refresh?

Hi There,

I've moved a site that's in development to my laptop - files via git and the database manually.

But while the images appear to be in the files directory (in those numbered folders) they don't show up in c5's file manager - also, a file set is missing.

Is this because the git repo is set to ignore the cache directory and the tmp directory maybe?

Cache is off but I'm not sure this is the issue - is there a way to force c5 to kinda reload the images based on what's in the directory?

Any help would be much appreciated - this site is using 5.5.2



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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
are the files still in /files?

if so, go to the filemanager page, select all of the checkboxes next to the files, click the dropdown, and then rescan.