Directory Structure questions

Many of the folders listed above as being in the root directory are in the concrete directory instead. I have only one site.

Maybe I installed 5.5.1 wrongly using the HostGator automatic install for 5.5.1 in early March?

Current directory structure:



/Concrete5 (Root? only a few of the directories for root listed above are found here

/concrete (most of the directories for root found here)

Thanks for any clarifications.
Doug W

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s2d replied on at Permalink Reply
Not sure what directories you're referring to as "listed above", but in all my HostGator accounts, the document root for the web server is public_html. So everything you want to serve to the public via the web needs to be somewhere in that directory.

None of my accounts have any "home" directory - not sure what that is, but my guess is, it might be a symbolic link to the public_html directory. If that is what it is, then you will see everything that's in the public_html directory in home, as well.

You can either install C5 directly into public_html, or create sub-directory to install it in, if you want to keep C5 isolated from any other systems you may want to install to that site. I don't usually use the automatic installer, as I also have had issues with it in the past, and it's not that much more work to install C5 the normal way. That is what I would suggest.
Dwall057 replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply 1 Attachment
Thanks, Kate. I appreciate your input.

The home directory is just the one that shows in the cPanel file manager; All the Hostgator sub-directories fall under that including /home_sitename/public_html. I attached a file showing the structure from cPanel (/home_sitename is hidden at the top in that view).

In my install, public_html/Concrete5 is where some directories are found. There is a further public_html/Concrete5/concrete sub-directory that has most of the directories listed as directories that are supposed to be in the root directory as seen in the Concrete5 help document at the top of this help page.

So I assume, in this case the /Concrete5 is the root directory and that is where those directories belong.

I've had to add directories to /Concrete5 directory to get various things to work - themes, jobs, etc.

I think I'll try your install method for 5.2.2 vs the Hostgator install for the upgrade and see if that works better.

Thanks again,
Doug W
s2d replied on at Permalink Reply
I see... the way you had them shown in your original post, the directories all appeared to be at the same level. Kinda changes the meaning of what you're saying. But, it sounds like you have it figured out, so all is well.
Dwall057 replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, in the reply they were indented but submitting my response took all indenting formatting out.

Thanks again Kate,

julia replied on at Permalink Reply
Here's an overview of the directories that are part of concrete5:
Dwall057 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks, Julia.

That's the page I was looking at which caused me concern.