Do Single Page attributes behave different?

I am editing the autonav template in order to add the page description next to the page name. It works good in normal pages, but the link to the Profile page doesn't show the description (see attachment).

Here is the code for the autonav template (important lines):
echo '<li class="'.$navSelected.' '.$isFirstClass.'">';
         if ($c->getCollectionID() == $_c->getCollectionID()) { 
            echo('<a class="nav-selected" href="' . $pageLink . '"  ' . $target . '><span class="nnn">' . $ni->getName() . '</span><span class="desc">' .  $_c->getCollectionDescription() . '</span></a>');
         } else {
            echo('<a href="' . $pageLink . '"  ' . $target . '><span class="nnn">' . $ni->getName() . '</span><span class="desc">' .  $_c->getCollectionDescription() . '</span></a>');

Thank You a lot

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ScottC replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
It shouldn't matter, but make sure you have published the new version of the single page.

Internally they aren't treated really any differently, they can still have blocks and things.

If this is an actual bug and if you find this is a showstopper of an issue you could provide a check like:

if($_c->getCollectionPath() == "/profile") $description = "Fallback description"; }else{
$description = $_c->getCollectionDescription(); }

I know this isn't ideal but at least it will get something up there in the interim.