Dreamweaver and Concrete5

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So the big question, I really want to use Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 to build my website. The question is, is how do I make an already created and edited DW template compatible with Concrete5? I don't have all the knowledge in the world about coding and what not so try to avoid posting a hundred codes, that will not help. Thanks to anyone in advanced! The link here is the kind of Template I would like to have on my site:http://www.dreamtemplate.com/templates/Web_2.0_Style/detail/5350.ht...

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tallacman replied on at Permalink Reply
You can use any tool to build your site. I build all mine in BBEdit, style it with CSSEdit and then take out all the greeked filler and replace with standard concrete5 block code. Just use the folder structure required and it will work flawlessly, with tweeks to the css if needed.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
This is a little help for you.


You still need to know the basics of HTML & CSS coding. And the basic of how to convert HTML site to concrete5 theme.

As long as you can "read" HTML a little bit... it will save your time.
insurgencygaming replied on at Permalink Reply
I am just not really understanding how to exactly add them to the template and then upload it to my site.
sully210 replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello. I have looked extensively for directions on setting up a concrete 5 site in Dreamweaver CS5 and have not been able to find the answer. I need detailed instructions on how to install and set up a site with the database connected using xampp. I have tried everything I can on my own and cannot seem to get it to work. Do you happen to know where I can find this information?

Thank you.

Jeff Sullivan
markonedesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm a beginner with Concrete5, but experienced with Dreamweaver/Fireworks.

My workflow goes like this:

1) proof to client using Fireworks (x3 options)
2) build approved concept in Dreamwever using css
(use two css files - main.css for layout and typography.css
for type styles - which will then show up in Concret5's editor)
3) get client approval & then convert to php theme for concrete5
(instructions herehttp://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos/designers/make-a-the... andhttp://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/themes/simple-guild-to-bu... (click on green paper clip icon to download pdf icon)

4) suggestion of using cssedit to tweak css is well worth trying - I know I will.

sully210 replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you. My big problem is that I want to edit my css and files in Dreamweaver and I cannot even get a concrete site to work in Dreamweaver. I am looking for step by step instructions on how to install and set up a site to modify and test in Dreamweaver and I cannot figure it out. I have tried everything and have come close a couple times, but still no luck.
katz515 replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you using Windows or Mac?

For Mac, use MAMP + custom installation
For Windows, you can use Web Platform Installer


I need more people' assistance since I don't use Windows

(Where is the installed folder for this?)

Anyway, then register


or Windows directory to Dreamweaver. Then you can build the test environment.
markonedesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi there - thanks for replying sully210 and katz515.

I am working on a Mac using MAMP Pro to install the hosting environment (which simplifies the setup of multiple sites for different website projects/clients). Hosting details can be copied from MAMP Pro's startup webpage for your Concrete5 install.

I then return to Dreamweaver and setup a project definition and a testing server, followed by creating a theme folder, into which I put my approved html with css etc.

This allows me to proof my html pages from dreamweaver, but when I turn them into PHP docs, I can no longer use roundtrip preview (get access denied from concrete). Once I have added the php code to my css links, dreamweaver's css panel only shows the link text, not the css styles. Hence CSSEdit being a good suggestion for tweaking of php theme files in Concrete5.

I would like to do more in dreamweaver, but there seems to be a point after which one has to manually jump from file to file, loosing dreamweave's wisiwig previews (via roundtrip).

Is there a better way?
jacknjean replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi markonedesign, I don't know if you got this all figured out and I assume that maybe you have since it's a year later. When you hit DWs live preview try redirecting to "localhost" just like you would if were to preview in a browser.

I personally use Espresso (also from the folks @ MacRabbit) and even previewing a php file in there you have to route the in-tool browser to localhost so that the database and php files can be viewed properly.

Hope you got it all worked out.
markonedesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for the tip - I will try it ASAP! Cheers


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alancurrall replied on at Permalink Reply
Fantastic first video, not done any of it yet but you make it look easy to follow.

Question 1. why remove the extension from computer when finished.?

Also not looked at any other video's that you have on your linked site so wanted to ask:

Question 2. are there any follow-up video's to show editing of the other elements - Footer, Header, body, main background image inserting.

Question 3.
Any video for page widths and lengths for background images for instance a non repeating image, how big to make it full screen.

alancurrall replied on at Permalink Reply
I have created a HTML template and used CSS to call in the images and located them within my template I have also used CSS to set fonts and positioning of text area locations. Is it still possible to take your snippets example and create the concrete5 template.
KenH replied on at Permalink Reply
You can try this YouTube Video Tutorial.


This guy does a very good job at explaining the basics...from start to finish.