Empty 'composer' window when adding page type

Hi all, I'm sure I forgot something basic but...

I have a package which adds a pagetype, I copied the pagetype add code from another package on a different project which I know works fine. When the package is installed the templates & pagetype are all there but when I add a page of this pagetype the Composer(?) window is just empty instead of asking for pagename, etc. Plus it won't save, claiming I never selected a page to publish under despite clicking 'Home' in sitemap and choosing add page to get this far. I can add a page as a bog standard 'Page' type and change the type afterwards but...

What did I miss?

Pagetype is added in package installer thus:
// Add page templates & types
        if (!is_object(\PageTemplate::getByHandle('debsdefault'))){
            $pageTemplate = \PageTemplate::add('debsdefault', 'DEBS Default', 'full.png', $pkg);
            'handle' => 'debsdefaultpage',
            'name' => 'DEBS Default Page',
            'defaultTemplate' => 'debsdefault',
            'allowedTemplates' => 'A',
            'ptLaunchInComposer' => 0,
            'ptIsFrequentlyAdded' => 0,
            'ptPublishTargetTypeID' => 3

The properties window appears as attached.

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