Error messages not showing on custom login page


I'm using a copy of the login.php, added to single_pages, changed the site_theme_paths and it all looks fine with my theme's view.php.
However whenever I login with incorrect credentials or add an email address to the forgotten details section and hit submit, I don't get any response, the page just refreshes. I have searched and searched on the forums but have not found a solution. I am using Concrete5.5.1.

I know the login.php is looking for a $intro_msg variable to have a value before it displays the alert-message div, I can only assume the variable is empty as when I copy out the alert-message div outside of the IF statement - the alert appears fine, just with no content in the $intro_msg variable.

Can anyone help with this as it's driving me bonkers - the custom login page is perfect other than this!


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I was looking for the same information and found another post with the answer

In short all what you need to add is
<div id="content">
      <div id="leftColumn228px">
      <div id="leftColumnContent">
         $as = new Area('leftColumnContent');
      <div id="copy594px">
         print $innerContent;
<?php  if (isset($error) && $error != '') { ?>

in your view.php page
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Thanks a lot for this.