Events, Reservation and Booking Solution for concrete5 version 7 and 8

Hi all,

A scream for help on adding reservation functionality in concrete5 sites:

I keep on bumping on a missing solution for adding reservation and/or booking functionality with concrete5 sites. This was no problem in version 5.6.x. There was this excellent add-on 'Pro Events' in combination with 'Pro Forms'.

From version 5.7 and onwards this functionality is not covered anymore. So all 5.6 sites running reservation or booking functionality cannot be migrated over to 5.7.x or version 8 in a simple manner.

There are some calendar add-ons offering partial functionality for version 7 and 8. With those add-ons there are possibilities to create events and list them, also to have a link to an additional page with more info.

This is great! But not covering a reservation system.

The cons and missing functionality:
- You have to make a separate page with more info and a sign-up form. The calendars just offer a tiny popup.
- When creating a separate page with more info, you have to change the date on this page by hand because it's not part of the calendar functionality and linked to an event in any way. A disaster on sites with recurring events of with many events to manage.
- When adding a form for a reservation, the form does not have a link to the event at all. We need to know the name of the event, the date of the event and so on.

Now for a solution, what possibilities do we have? I would like to know how other people do this. I can't believe i am the only one wanting to add this functionality to sites and bumping into this problem.
I'm not a coder so i cannot write my own add-on or extend an existing one. My projects do not have the budget to get a custom add-on developed. But maybe the are people out here that did find a solution. Or maybe express in version 8 will cover a system for this.

So let me know people out there how do you cover your reservations or booking systems?
Or developer with spare time; make a wonderfull add-on for this missing functionality and start selling licences!

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Dutchwave replied on at Permalink Reply
Your not the only one.

Its a real shame those plugins stopped being developed.
I haven't got to much into 5.8 yet, but at glimpse the Events section could hopefully be done with Express...
The following weeks I'm going to build my first sites with V8 and first check if the events part can be done easily or not.

Hopefully some one else already jumped in to this?
zuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Your not the only one. With a booking system concrete 5 8 will be perfect.