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Hi There

We are currently realizing a page for a wine merchant and are using the Express Objects.
So we have two Data Objects. One for the wine categories and one for the wines it self.
For each category we created a page with an Express Entity attribute to select the corresponding category.
On the page it self, we added the Express Entry Detials block with the settings
Entry -> Get entry from custom attribute on this page
Express Entry Attribute -> The Attribute
Display Data in Entry Form -> Form

To display the result we created a custom template.

So far, this all works great. BUT
Is there any way to sort the output? We would like to have a possibility to manually sort the Entries.

Concrete Version: 8.4.3

Thanks in advance

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pvernaglia replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm looking todo the same thing, did you find a way? thanks
Steff replied on at Permalink Reply
We didn't find a way to sort the express objects. We ended up using a page for each category and adding the wine as subpage and used page listings to display the wine.
Auditore1 replied on at Permalink Reply
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