Feedback on a Git based Concrete5 boilerplate...

I created a little boilerplate for using Concrete5 with Git:

It's nothing too special, just a basic directory structure with some .gitignore files baked in, along with a Readme which has some supporting documentation.

Since there's not too much documentation on this subject, I figured I would create a post and hear what people had to say. What do you think? Should anything be added or removed to the .gitignore file ( )? What about to the Readme file? What has your experience been?

Eventually, I'd like to beef up the default .gitignore file that GitHub serves when you start a new Concrete5 repository:

Looking forward to hearing ya'lls process. I hope people find this useful.

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Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
Is there anything else but a .gitignore file? It feels like you've added a ton of files while you actually only added one.

Personally, I'd prefer having just a single file there.
adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
I added the main .gitignore file, along with a bunch of other empty .gitignore files for the empty, top level directories.

Taking this approach would save you some copy and pasting of the blank .gitignore files into the top level directories; however, I wouldn't be opposed to making it just one main .gitignore file if people think that would be the best route.
laaaamb replied on at Permalink Reply
Your tutorial and boilerplate have been really helpful in getting me set up on git with c5 - so a massive thanks for that!!

I don't have any suggested improvements for the boilerplate (I'm a little too new to git to know any better) but keep up the good work.