[SOLVED] Fetch database value in block controller?

Is there a built-in way to fetch a database value from the block's primary db table in a block controller, in a similar way to how one might call it in a view i.e. $myValue ? I've tried $this->myValue but nothing is returned.

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losttheplot replied on at Permalink Reply
The way to fetch a primary db table value from within a block controller is indeed like this > $this->myValue

My error upon not getting a result, was to assume that I was using a redundant method, instead of checking that the value I was trying to extract had actually been entered into the db table in the first place ...too many long hours; not enough R&R!
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
Main catches to keep in mind when working with $this->myValue is that it only reads or updates the controller values, so changes are not automatically reflected in the view, if you change a property you have to do $this->set(.....). Then on save of an edit, the properties do not automatically reflect the values passed from the edit and are not saved with the values from the edit.
losttheplot replied on at Permalink Reply
That all makes sense - thanks :)