Help! All pages resolve to homepage (unless in edit mode)


I have a problem with a localhost site that I just can't get to the bottom of... only my homepage is accessible when not in edit mode.

• When I try to access any other page, the browser thinks about it but then just returns the homepage
• No 404s. The browser just seems to ignore my page request
• It's the same however I try – with the autonav or by typing URLs into the address bar
• In edit mode I can navigate the site as normal
• The issue occurs in all browsers
• The problem has only appeared recently
• I've been working on a blog using the HW Simple Blog add-on in the same period
• I've also installed Under Construction and Cookies Disclosure add-ons but haven't started working with them yet

My lines of investigation so far have been...

• Permissions – all pages are set to accept visits by guests
• Javascript – mostly turned off in edit mode but I'm getting no alerts in Dev Tools on the homepage
• Pretty URLs/htaccess – turned off and on and seem to be working fine

I'm at a loss, so any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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ogoncalves85 replied on at Permalink Reply
did your case resolved ?
i have the the same issue since few days...
Do you have any tips ?


Brandsistency replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, there.

Yes, I did manage to resolve the issue. it turned out to be an problem with the Under Construction add-on. I removed that and everything worked as normal again.

I don't know what, if any, add-ons you're using but that's a good place to start. Remove them one at a time and check if things work again after each removal. It you have the Under Construction add-on installed, definitely start with that one.

Good luck!