Help with where to put my files....


On my site I'd like to put links to things like privacy policy, terms and conditions etc...

If i upload pdf files for this can I put them in my themes directory and just specify a direct link to them i.e.

Or should all my files be placed in the files directory? If so, do they go in the root of the files directory?

I will be hardcoding these links in my footer sections so I don't want massive urls like /file/20304/2012/something/file.pdf

Anyone got any suggestions?

Kind Regards

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nteaviation replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you can put those files where ever you like. You could make a new directory off your webroot called pdf and link to them like just make sure the directory and files you create are readable by everyone (permissions like 755). Hope this helps.
ringo replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent - that sounds good.

So I can add as many folders to my webroot as I need and none of this affects c5?

Would I even be able to add a wordpress blog in a directory called /blog??

nteaviation replied on at Permalink Reply
I belive so. When c5 does updates, it's only supposed to update files in the /concrete core directory, so your pdf directory is unaffected. You can and any number of directories.

As for as linking in another application like /blog, that's a different story. c5 and the other application may not "play well together". You can try it, it may work just fine.
jgarcia replied on at Permalink Reply
You would be totally fine creating any subfolders in your site - in fact, I've done a site with exactly what you mention - site runs C5 with a subfolder called "blog" running Wordpress.
ringo replied on at Permalink Reply
Cool - that sounds useful!

Will maybe take a look at that soon.

Thanks for the help. I was planning on adding other folders to the site root which the end user can then upload stuff to and then let c5 automatically build links based on folder contents.
cssninja replied on at Permalink Reply
You can add file to /files/incoming directory.
In file manager when you click "more" button, on second tab is Add from Incoming.
When you add file in this directory, it will be in files manager, but you can link to them