how to change session handler from DB to Filesystem?

how could you change your sessions to be stored in files instead of the DB in concrete5 8.5.2?

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VolgensBartjes replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
in concrete/config/concrete.php there's this setting:

'configuration' => [
             * Configuration mode
             * @var string simple|advanced
            'mode' => 'simple',
            'simple' => [
                 * What log level to store core logs in the database
                 * @var string
                'core_logging_level' => 'NOTICE',
                 * Which handle to use

so in application/config we made a new file concrete.php with the following content:

return array(
    'session' => array(
        'handler' => 'file'

and now it's running on the file sessions...

still when we put it on using the database for it's sessions, we keep havinf problems with the collasion that is not used well by the database handler: