logout destination

where can I determine the page a user gets to upon logout?

I actually forgot why I wanted this to happen but I still would love to know :-)

Thanks guys! Concrete5 rocks!

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ssrgspdkt replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi shotrox,
Currently we can define login destination only under system&settings option. If you need to add Logout destination,
1. you should create singlepage in dashboard/system/registration/ & store in New created db or as Config value.
2. you can hard code in controller/login/logout.
marticps replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey, you can do that:
1) Copy your root/concrete/controllers/login.php to root/controllers/login.php
2) Go to line 361 or search this:
public function logout() {
      $u = new User();

3) Change the destination.

Hope it helps
magicpeanut replied on at Permalink Reply
hmm-- my login.php has just 3 lines :/
eljhonb replied on at Permalink Reply
How to do it in without hardcode on original login page (root/concrete/controllers/login.php)??
thx in advance