Membership website with Auto Pages

Hello all,

I am considering building a employee members website that would involve individuals signing up and being automatically allocated their own private webpage which they can login to and add their own content/upload their own files with no access to the admin on the dashboard or other members content.

I would also like the website to be subscription based (using paypal) where each individual would be able to choose a six month or a years subscription to their page on the site.

Does anyone know if the above could be done by just using the Concrete5 permissions and some sort of Add-On for the paypal side of things.

Any help/comments would be greatly appreciated.

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ronyDdeveloper replied on at Permalink Reply
Front end file uploader will do the file uploading stuff from user interface. they don't need to go to dashboard to upload a file.

Regarding the subscription, I think there are 2 add-on available in marketplace, something called larteco membership & simple subscription.

I'm not sure what do you mean by private webpage, you mean profile page? If so, it is only accessible by that member only. So it is so called private.

cmsdev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Rony,

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

The Front End Uploader and the Larteco Membership could be very useful if I could integrate them.

To be a little more specific the following is an example of how I thought the site may work.

1) Joe Bloggs visits the Home Page and clicks a subscribe button.
2) The Subscribe button takes Joe Bloggs to a personal details registration form and he selects a six months or twelve month subscription.
3) After completing the form Joe Bloggs presses the submit button and he is taken to the paypal interface to pay the subscription.
4) Upon successful payment, Joe Bloggs is redirected to his own newly created private page (profile page?) that he can add content to, but that nobody else except the administrator can see/edit.

I guess the site would work pretty much like the main Concrete5 website, but the differences being that no member would be able to see each others profile pages, each member would be able to add content to their own profile page and that a six month or yearly fee would be charged to subscribe to website.
zuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, maybe you can do it like this:
1.- Override the register page, and put a user attributes set with all that you need.

2.- I bought an addon that works well for this "forms with paypal payment". With this you can put a select options for subscription to pass to paypal.
3.- I'm working in this right now, my way is when paypal returns the data, put an event to insert the user in a group, depens the time they pay, 6 months group, ...
Like this you can control the time the user is in.
4.- You need to override the profile edit page, is a nice how to in the how to section.

Well i made some similar thing like you need. Maybe it's not the best way but like this works well.
cmsdev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Zuna,

Your suggestion sounds really good, I like the paypal add on idea a lot.

Unfortunately however my PHP skills are some what limited so I would be a little lost trying to override the Profile Edit Page. I tried looking at the how to section and although I know how to copy files out of the core of CC5, I don't really understand how you would go about customising the PHP code.

I guess if coded correctly you would set a group for six months and a group for twelve months.

If the above is fairly straight forward any guidance you could provide would be most appreciated, thank you.
zuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi again, i think you need to make this step to step. First, create the users attributes. You can select for all that you need that is required in the register form, for example name,address etc...
The others attributes only with the option that can be edit in the profile.
Create the groups that you need. With a end data for the user inside, 3 ,6 months
Second you copy and override the profile edit page. Here the user can edit the attributes like you want. This because you can put a login link in the site to send to edit page profile for the user without the manager.
I put a second page in the profile with the subscription form, WHEN USER REGISTER I REDIRECT HERE. For this you need to override the register page and send to your page.Then when pay they are redirect to edit to complete the rest of attributes.

For the event to put in the addon i'm working right now it formyself, i will write this later.

To make events i think you read something in the how to, and here to understand the process.
In the event you can insert the user in a specific group.
cmsdev replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi again Zuna,

Leave it with me and I will report back on this thread after I have tried to work through your explanation.

Thanks again for taking the time to reply.
zuna replied on at Permalink Reply
Well, if you need help write me, remember that in google you can find more concrete5 doc than, sometimes, here.