Method problem within 'Single Page' controller

Hi all,

I'm messing around with single pages and controllers and I got the following problem:
I want to create an edit page and an add page with just one file instead of multiple files. So I read the documentation and it says when I use methods like add() and edit() I can simply use the urls /example/add and /example/edit/. But instead of doing that, it always shows the view.php. Regardless the edit() and add() methods and yes, the files are there, add.php and edit.php. I give up! Can somebody help me out here?

Many thanks!

This is my code:
namespace Concrete\Package\Test\Controller\SinglePage\Dashboard\Test;
use Database;
use Concrete\Core\Page\Controller\DashboardPageController;
class Example extends DashboardPageController
    public function view()
        $this->set('content', 'This is the view page');
    public function add()
        $this->set('content', 'This is the add page');
    public function edit($id = false)

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gstekelenburg replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems I have to use $this->render() to load the right files... According to the documentation I shouldn't have to, but it does the job.