missing E_NOTICE support


I know that many PHP coders just like PHP because it's quick and you can be lazy. That's ok!
Correct me if I'm wrong but when hacking the startup/debug_logging .php to run the whole framework with E_NOTICE enabled, i got 1000+ notices just from C5...

In my opinion a professional framework like C5 should support various programming styles and even though many PHP coders don't see the advantages of E_NOTICE on and rather suffer from dumb errors in their code producing bugs they could have noticed right away, I think E_NOTICE is a good thing, easy to circumvent in your own code (@) and still not very hard to circumvent in 3rd party libraries (call-wrapper which changes the error-level before and after the call).

Any thoughts on why C5 doesn't support this or whether there are plans to support it in future releases?


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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
I/we are trying to get rid of notices, but due to the mass number of them, its a bit hard.
jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
My local development environment has always been (and will always be) full error reporting. This means concrete5 is not my favorite thing to test locally. I'm hoping after finishing up some projects that I can help with both this and the PRB.

I do believe this issue is a large contributor to the slower speed and memory usage of c5. You might agree if you have time to watch:

Rasmus Lerdorf - State of PHP 2012 (~ 2 hours)

Unfortunately it has been a while since I watched it, and can't give a starting point where he talks about how much it effects speed (due to callback checking, even if there is no code executed at that point).

I do remember that around 14 minutes he said something like
"If the whole web was made by CS students, it would SUCK!"

A bit off the topic, it's well worth watching even though it was recorded live, if you are at all into php/web/server/scalable/APIs. He does work at Etsy, so he might know what he's talking about :)

I would like to both apologize for the winded post and thank Mnkras for the great work he is doing for both the c5 codebase and the entire community.