Multiple forms per page

Hi guys,

I have a requirement to build a page with around 5 forms on it. I would like the forms to be visible within an accordion type layout with only one form visible at a time.

What is the best way of me setting up these forms? I want to have validation of email addresses etc so the default form block won't work. Is this an example on when a single page should be used? Or can I just manually code my forms and php validation into a php page in my themes directory?


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ringo replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks - however I'd prefer to keep it simple and just use PHP for validation server side.

Is a single page the best option here?

Also, how can I add my own jquery code to a given page?
ringo replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi guys,

Still looking for some advice here. I can't seem to work out the best way to do this.

I will need around 5 different forms on one page, only one will be shown at a time using an accordion control.

How can I best add custom form validation? Is there built in helpers to do email validation for example?

Should I set up my page as a static page?

Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
i think someone is making a form plugin that has i believe 13 different types of validation, there is a help i believe look in /concrete/helpers
ringo replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent. Can wait for an updated form block so that my end users can create fully validated forms themselves.

If I wanted to embed forms within a page template can I just include the form as you would do with a normal HTML page and then still get it to store results in the dashboard?