New interface -- updated today

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Hi team, I would just like to add my 10cents, It seems a little over the top and confusing to me. I really liked the old dashboard layout.

And I don't mind it now being centre screen But I would like to remove the picture from the backdrop as I think it is not needed!

In this new version will it be possible customize the back-end layout a little?

Also a quick note the add-on section needs to stand out more?

Kind regards

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rklomp replied on at Permalink Reply
I think you can just edit the files in concrete/themes/dashboard to your liking.
abovecreative replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Just give it a bit of time to get a feel for it, I like it much more than 5.4 now but it took me a few days to get used to it.
You can change or remove the background image in Interface Preferences in the System & Settings section.
nando replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree with carl101lee, the old interface was much more intuitive and user friendly, it felt like an application, where this one is like a website...I guess we'll have to get used to the new interface and hope that for the next revamp the shortcomings are improved.
RadiantWeb replied on at Permalink Reply
check out :

brings back the familiarity.

drbiskit replied on at Permalink Reply
My initial reaction was that I didn't like the new UI as much as the old either - but I think it is just fear of the new. I have spent the last month developing a site with, and I honestly believe it is a HUGE leap forward for Concrete5. Once you get used to it - it makes much more sense, and is nicer to use. There are some great features that you can help to customise the UI for your specific requirements/tastes.