Next and Previous links based on page type?

I have a scenario where we have a blog's sitemap organized in this way:

-- Blog
  -- 2018
    -- January
      -- Post 1 (page type of 'blog_post')
    -- February
      -- Post 2 (page type of 'blog_post')
  -- 2017
    -- June
      -- Post 3 (page type of 'blog_post')

When I use the previous / next block, it only navigates siblings under the same parent, so if I want to use the block to travel from post 1 to post 2 chronologically (based on the public date), I can't because it only searches within the current sibling structure.

Is it possible to use the prev/next block to navigate between pages of a particular page type, rather than specifically siblings, chronologically using the public date/time?


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dsw528 replied on at Permalink Reply
So is there something that already exists that would accomplish this, or do I need to modify the next/pref block?