Print Stylesheet not rendering

I have made my template in HTML and have tested my print stylesheet and all is ok.

Now I have applied my theme and attached to C5 however my print stylesheet if not even rendering as per the stylesheet

Is there something I have missed here as I can't see the code as I am in the print preview option and can't see the code generated by C5.

Should I have .ccm in front of my styles?

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adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you provide a URL? Also, if you have a media="xyz" declaration on your print stylesheet, make sure that says media="print".
auscoal replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi thanks for your quick reply

I have this on local host so I don't have a URL.

I have print as a media declaration.

It has actually display:none on my columns which leads me to beleive that it is reading some of the css but it is not rendering the styles that should be displayed on the page from the print css