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Hi there

Is it possible to protect the website with a PIN (e.g. of 4 numbers) before a client enters the website? I would like to have a generic login for everyone and try to avoid the huge login window.


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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
You don't really need to do anything with Concrete5 to achieve this result; You can just set a password on your server using your htaccess file and anytime someone visit, a small popup will appear asking for the password.

Here's an explanation of how to do it

They also offer a generator to automate the process but I suggest you read the explanation anyway to make sure you know what's happening.
eivissa89 replied on at Permalink Reply
great, many thanks for the quick reply!

that‘s what i also looked at but it‘s for an web app - so it shouldn‘t be just a not nice looking alert box. that‘s why i thought c5 has something...

and of course the login should be saved for a certain time...

mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
You have this add-on:

But I really don't think it's an improvement over the normal login page.

Actually, I don't really understand what you are looking for. You want to avoid the login page saying it's a huge login window. But then you don't want a simple little popup.

I don't know if you know but you can style the normal login page to look different if you want so maybe that would be an option.

Otherwise, there are also several login blocks in the marketplace that come with different popup and sliding styles. But in the end, you will still have to put them on a page with no content available for non-logged in users. SO it's really an empty page with a login box on it.

Here are a few

Alternatively, you have this block that automatically logs you in if your IP address was whitelisted. Frankly, I don't recommend it if you want to make sure your app is protected but you might like it:
eivissa89 replied on at Permalink Reply
many thanks for this feedback.

very useful!

the plan was to have just a minimal security that not everybody can access the website.

so for instance:
1. go the url ( e.g)
2. add it to home screen
3. then once you open it either from home screen or just in the browser the content should not be visible until they enter a password. in best case they would directly be forwarded to a certain page because not every user should see every site.

you mentioned that's possible to style the login different – is the backend login in a different style as well then?

thank yoU!!
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Concrete5 only has one login screen so if you style it, it will be the same for everyone.

I'm attaching a screenshot of mine to give you an idea
eivissa89 replied on at Permalink Reply
nice thank you!

could i send you quickly a pm to show the current result with the password?
somehow this does not work properly with appcache and serviceWorker... :(
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
of course, no problem