Ratings: Half Stars and Custom Stars

So I implemented my own custom stars, and it's fine and dandy when I use $rh->outputDisplay(90); but when I tried $rh->outputAverage('', 90), it messes up a bunch of the other stars on the page (see screenshots attached).

The one that looks good (4.5 stars) is using 90 passed in, and the other is using 0 (the broken one).

Any ideas?

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CWSpear replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok, I think it has to do with the first parameter.

I was leaving it blank on all my ratings, but I tried putting in a random number instead and everything seemed to work. The documentation says $rh->outputAverage($field, $value), but I don't know what $field is in the context.
cioclod replied on at Permalink Reply
I am also highly interested in something like this.
McCormick replied on at Permalink Reply
Howdy, I haven't figured out how to display the average yet, though I have found a recent thread that likely sheds light on the root of the problem.


I'll find a solution and post it here as soon as possible.