Relocating "Thank you" message on guestbook standard block

Standard guestbook block displays comment form and new comments at the bottom of page.

Already tweaked the standard guestbook to make the comment form appear on top and newer comments appear on top of older ones.

Before, I asked for advice to link to a custom “thank you page” but I think this might be complicated as I am using a pop up window in "Escriba su comentario aquí" link.

So, I believe a simpler solution will be to relocate the guestbook thank you message, which appears at the bottom of the main guestbook page in , to make the message appear just below the comment box of guestbook form. Make it behave the way it appears in the standard C5 form block.

Will appreciate help on this.


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Dinamicore replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
To better illustrate what i did, I upload the php view file, in which I relocated the controller position from bottom to top in order to accomplish the desired effect; but:

if (isset($response)) { ?>
<?php echo $response?>
<?php } ?>

Didn´t relocate the response message; it remains at the bottom.

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