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I have a project that requires a very specific image slider which looks a little like this onehttp://nivo.dev7studios.com/ - however the client has a few requests:

1. HTML captions to be displayed with each slide having a different coloured background to the caption
2. the slides and information are editable by them.
3. like the nivo slider there needs to be a device that allows you to jump through the images.

My initial thoughts are to use the image descriptions in the file manager to add in the html code required for the captions and I wondered if this is possible?

and have the images pulled from a set - again is this possible?

Hope someone can help.


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xaritas replied on at Permalink Reply
As you say, you can store the image metadata as attributes on the file object, and keep the files organized by set.

I was able to take a non-Concrete5 theme which bundled a slider and adapt it by using the standard slideshow block and simply providing a custom template. There is nothing to prevent you, as far as I know, from doing the same with Nivo slider. Your custom template is going to have to emit the JavaScript and HTML to set up the slider. Modify the page's controller, or its header, to load the slider's .js file.

Nivo, you may be aware, is free to re-use without restriction:
marticps replied on at Permalink Reply
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply
an add-on I am working on (when i can get clients to leave me alone) covers all these bases, I don't see the point in involving a fileset when you have specific per items settings.

Shoot me a private message with a sample of what you need, I had the nivo slider on my radar anyways and maybe we can work together to get a really good solution for them?
glowmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks for all the advice