Still relevant?

Is this "Blocks" How-to still good with the shift in adding everything as Packages?

Suggestion: Since I clicked the Ask Question button from the How-To page, maybe if it auto included that How-To title into the subject line. I posted this then viewed and saw no one else would know what I was talking about.

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andrew replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Yeah, it is. if you're developing a site for someone else, building a regular block that you just stick in the blocks/ directory and install is much easier than making some custom package. Same with themes. You only need to go the package route when you wish to bundle up multiple items and distribute them in such a way that they can all be installed together (and downloaded from our marketplace.)
ideasponge replied on at Permalink Reply
awesome thanks :)
htarlov replied on at Permalink Reply
It's 2011 and it's still relevant and still good article. It helped me out when I needed to build my own block for the first time.
celwell replied on at Permalink Reply
Ditto. Please don't remove. Thanks.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
first post is from June.... that article is not being removed