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Hey all. I got this to work but wanted to see if anyone had any insight on how it could hav been handled better.

I installed Community Store on my site and using PHP mail my client was not receiving notifications but I was. I noticed the from email address was [email protected] and thought maybe this was the problem so I forced the site to redirect to non-www. Then I was not receiving notifications (likely my email provider). So i created an email address [email protected] and turned on STMP mail, put in the correct credentials. THis seemed to fix the emails coming from [email protected] but then the general contact form was not sending notifications. To fix this I changed all the default from email addresses (in config/concrete.php) from [email protected] to [email protected] All is working now but...

1) shouldnt the store code strip off the www. rather than grabbing the entire url?
2) is there a way to make more than one 'from' email address work using the SMTP email setting?

Thanks in advance.

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mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi Chris,

whilst you are right in that the store should probably be stripping the www from the domain when creating an email address (something to put on github as an issue), that's actually really just fallback behaviour.

The outgoing email from the store can be specified on one of the settings pages in the dashboard - see my attached screenshot. That gives you control of that email (i.e. [email protected]), different from things like form notification emails.