Survey block dont keep data when delete?

Hey all,

I've use the Survey block for the first time and I notice that when a block is deleted, the survey results data is also deleted.

In a practical way, don't you think that the data should always be kept in the REPORTS/SURVEY but having a a delete option there instead ?

Right now, we can't delete a survey in the front-end without losing the data in the dashboard, it's kind odd.

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bryanlewis replied on at Permalink Reply
I've noticed that before as well, I wonder if the info is stored in the database. If thats the case you would be able to get that info back.
olacom replied on at Permalink Reply
No i've already check the controller and the data is getting deleted at the same time as the block in the front end.
SteveAtParadigm replied on at Permalink Reply
Yes, this is a real problem. How can I remove a survey block without losing its data?
SpencerC replied on at Permalink Reply
Diddo. I am about to remove a survey, but don't want to lose the data. Any ideas out there?
jordanlev replied on at Permalink Reply
I am not sure about this at all, so you should test this on something that's not important first -- but I believe if you edit the survey block somehow, then save the page, then go back and delete the block, then maybe it will save the old survey data (because when you edit a block it creates a new version of the block so the "block id" number gets changed, and then deletions happen to the new block id, not the old one that had all the survey data associated with it). Again, I could be totally wrong about this, so test it out before using on your real data first.
kingpangilinan replied on at Permalink Reply
Just adding another option,

What if you try to make it a global block(scrapbook), then delete the block.

That way, the block stays inside the scrapbook even when you delete the block at the front end, unless you decided to delete it.

SpencerC replied on at Permalink Reply
Putting it in Global seems like a logical idea, except that I have a ton of Global blocks on the intranet I am using it for. Still, worth a try. I have been taking a screenshot of the "final" poll results and then posting the graphic files on an archive page. This works pretty well, and it makes it more like a snapshot in time which is actually sort of nice.