i want to find some tutorial how to make own template with installed blocks.

I already customized theme to three different type of pages but now its takes to long time to add many blocks on each page and thats the reason why asking for template.

Does anybody know for any kind of solutions?

Thank you.

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
check out defaults under page types in dashboard... that lets you do just that.
alesb replied on at Permalink Reply
i make three columns type page and so on ...
but im looking that for example if you have 50 pages with three columns (page type) that you just make new page with template which has added auto-nav,heder image, header logo ...
i dont know, maybe i want to much ...
Remo replied on at Permalink Reply
just do what franz wrote. there's a button "defaults" that lets you add content to every template with just a few click and it doesn't matter whether you have 10 or 1000 pages.
alesb replied on at Permalink Reply
Uh I see. Both, Thanks for enlightment. :)
liberalmark replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh, man. Thanks for this one. So incredibly helpful.
ziki replied on at Permalink Reply
hi and is there a way to reset pages to its default template style ?
I mean when I have 20 pages of type "left_column" and now I add a new block to the left_column template, the pages remain unchanged and I have to change all of them manually ?


I already found it. I have to add a new block to template, than click the blog again and in the context menu is possibility to copy it to all childs. Smart :-)