Very very new - student looking for help


I am looking to create a platform where I can host multiple sites and use a content managment system. My case study is (looking to create a similar platform however offer a more unique user experience).

If I wanted to allow users to create multiple sites how would I go about creating this in dreamweaver? Ive been working/researching this for weeks and feel like my head will explode soon :/

If anyone has any help or guides I would be very grateful :)



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johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello emmasherlock,

It would not be setup in Dreamweaver, but Reseller hosting may be a good option for you:

Our Reseller plans allow you to create separate cPanel accounts for each user. Then, they can manage the files/sites themselves, from the cPanel.

This helps you avoid security problems, since cPanel is updated regularly.

This Reseller Getting Started pdf, may help you understand better:

emmasherlock replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi John Paul,

Thank you so much this is just what I was looking for. My email is [email protected] - I am a little unsure about which package to go for. Could you email me what you get with your Launch assistance please? and also how long are your products on these offers? I think my project will take a few weeks to build so was wondering if these offers will still be available at these prices then?

Thanks again