Video in Youtube block is downscaled after 8.4.1 Update

We have a page with 4 youtube videos. After updating from v 8.3.2 to the latest release 8.4.1 the concrete5 proprietory youtube block with the videos shows only 50% of the available block width. safari/firefox/chrome
I reloaded the block, emptied cache, changed block settings, searched the forum etc. without success. We have a modified elemental-theme.

Anybody else?
What could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

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bcron replied on at Permalink Reply
We have the same problems over here. After updating to 8.4.1, all youtube videos behave strangely and run only with reduced size. Very annoying.
While editing it, they show perfectly fine.
Have you found a solution? We are unable to fix it.
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you share links? Or at least let us know what you entered in the block? Also, are you overriding the template maybe? We don't know your HTML/CSS code, so can't really know what's wrong. By default, with the elemental (standard) theme, it works as expected. The CSS is taken from the view.css that comes with the block itself. So not sure what is happening, when we can't see anything/any details.
blinkdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Live Site v 8.4.1 (video downscaled):

Dev Site, v 8.3.2 (video correct):

We're using a Modified Elemental-Theme.

You're right, Editing is fine.
As a quick fix you could use a HTML-Block and add some CSS.
But I'd have to replace the Utube block in many sites, - so I rather have a solution for the problem.

<div class="ytWrapper">
<iframe class="youtube-player"
src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

.ytWrapper {
   position: relative;
   padding-bottom: 56.25%; /* HD-Format */
   padding-top: 25px;
   height: 0;
.ytWrapper iframe {
   position: absolute;
   top: 0;
   left: 0;
   width: 100%;
   height: 100%;
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You have this CSS included in the working site:


But not in the non-working site. I suppose you do caching on one site and not on the other? If so, try clearing your cache! See if it works afterwards. If not, try disabling cache. If that doesn't work, then look if you are using a different template for this "Youtube" block. Perhaps you override it by default, with the theme (and it's a theme template, without the CSS loading).

So without the CSS, that should be loaded with the Block type by default, it won't work as expected.
blinkdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
During the upgrade process cache was turned off and afterward turned on again.
But now, cache wouldn't clear for some reason.
I had to force it with ... /clearcache/do_clear
Now videos run fullsize.

thanks for your x-ray view.
blinkdesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Behavior is still inconsistent.

Updated live-site with v8.4.1 works only correct with blockcache turned off. (long loading time)

Where the dev-site v8.3.2 works both ways, turned on or off. (fast loading time)
ramonleenders replied on at Permalink Reply
Your "Live Site v 8.4.1" seems to load fast for me. I also see it uses a cached CSS file. Anyways, you turned block cache of for it to work now you mean? Not sure why it's not working with blockcache on to be honest... since it should be doing the same. Perhaps others can tell you more about this block cache not working as expected!
bcron replied on at Permalink Reply
I can confirm. Our two blocks work only with blockcache off. I have used your html solution with cache on.
kfog replied on at Permalink Reply

Has this issue ever been resolved?

After upgrading a couple sites, certain blocks do not behave in the same manner as they used to be in 8.1. As blinkdesign reports, youtube block is showing a small preview like video and google maps show double size.
Using a fix from from a related issue, JohntheFish under
doesn't help.

What has changed? We only updated, without any changes to the site nor the settings.
Sites work properly only when block cache is off.

Any Help is appreciated. Thanks.
bcron replied on at Permalink Reply
yes, it is sad. it is not working properly and nobody has a clue.
bcron replied on at Permalink Reply
... one clue might be php versions or server side caching. If nginx caching is on some odd things happen. With some hosting companies this is turned on by default.
We ran the the site with cache on, but with php and it was working?