Want my website to show up in Searches by city and business type

I would like people to be able to find my website by searching using the city my business is located in and then the type of business. Both are in the text on my website but that hasn't worked with searches.....where else should I add the info? A real novice here.

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anchoredbutterfly replied on at Permalink Reply
This is an SEO related issue, so perhaps start by reading up everything related to SEO on this website? (search for SEO in the upper right-hand search box...)
pstopkat replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you for your response.
Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Optimizing your site internally for SEO will help, as will using Google Webmaster tools etc.
But I'd look here as well: https://accounts.google.com/ServiceLogin?service=lbc&continue=ht...

as this has less to do with your site, and more to do with your business listing.

Good luck on your venture!

pstopkat replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you Adrian.......looks like I have some "learnin" to do. I appreciate your advice.
VidalThemes replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi There,

There is an extremely good run down on SEO in the answer from Witwag in this forum post, will give you plenty of really helpful pointers: