SOLVED: When CSS cache is turned on, view.css of custom block template seems to be skipped

This is where my custom block template is located:

- my_custom_theme_package
- - blocks
- - - my_custom_block
- - - - templates
- - - - - my_custom_block_template
- - - - - view.php
- - - - - view.css

When CSS cache is turned ON, view.css seems to be ignored.
As soon as CSS cache is turned OFF, the styles declared in view.css are rendered as expected.
(Concrete5 8.1, PHP 7)

The failure was on my side. A small typo in the first of several view.css files, that strangely did not produce any problem as single file, disabled all subsequent declarations in the cached CSS, when cache was turned on. So at first it seemed that the whole file had been skipped, which actually was not the case.

So please ignore this post.

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