WorkFlow - Approval With Member Attributes.

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Good Afternoon All

I have created a Profile Style web site, With a set number of member Attributes per member - Including Address - Tel: ETC...

Now I have it set-up member logins so they can update their profiles and information that is displayed on the members/profile/view pages. Through the /account/edit_profile .
But I would really like to have an approval process for updates to the profiles so the admin must approve the updates to Member attributes is Possible?

Carl Lee
USP Networks

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carl101lee replied on at Permalink Reply

What i am thinking here is I need change the submit button on the Profile Page when saving, to add if possible to the workflow, as you can't do this the current way the workflow works as you can't assign it to a page approval. (I have tied assigning it on the edit profile page, and view profile page but they don't include the member attributes.

Can any one advise how i can submit a custom change to the current workflow system, Or should I just build a completely separate ADD-ON(system) to handle it?
I think I need
concrete/controllers/panel/page/check_in.php and finding a way to trigger ApprovePagePageWorkflowRequest() on profile edits.

Thanks for any advise.