Workflow Waiting for Me

We are running Version 8.2.1 and have a basic workflow setup that goes past a 'Editors' group when a page gets submitted to workflow.

When a page is submitted to workflow it fires off an email to the editors groups as it should.
When a member of the editors logs in and navigates to the Welcome screen they get the visual that a Page is waiting for Approval.
But when they navigate to the 'Waiting for Me' page they are greeted with 'There are no items that currently need your attention.'

As far as I'm aware this was working fine before v8 for the editors.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi gavthompson

I that same issue. I am on version 8.3.2. I had it working fine.
gavthompson replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
I've just found the answer (came back to this after forgetting about it).

At some point, I'm guessing when the new welcome screen was introduced, a section in Dashboard/System and Settings was created called Notification Settings.

In there you will find you can add a group to receive among others the Workflow Notifications.

I've tested this and it does work for all workflow submissions after it has been added, previous workflows don't show.
JackVanson replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi gavthompson

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately I have had this set up from the start and now its not working. Really odd!!

It was fine and working for about three months.

Not sure where to go from here. Might remove all workflows/permissions/settings and start again.