Developing (v7+)

is_int vs. is_numeric

I just fixed a small problem in one of my blocks and thought that there might be another way to fix it. In library_file/controller.php the method getThumbnail check whether maxWidth and maxHeight are integers. Since php doesn't care much about types…

Order of items included with addHeaderItem

I'm using addHeaderItem quite often in the meanwhile. It's really great to have this method! Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to change the order of the includes. I've got a js that requires jquery and therefore must be called after jquery has be…

Get Atributes Based on User ID

How do you get a User's email address based on their user ID. For example, imagine a block that lists all the users and the email address associated to each user. I thought the __call function might be the key, but I'm not sure how to use it. It wa…

adding ad on's

how do I add a ad on to my C5 website? i like the music ad on and want to add this function to my website

Saving External Forms' data

Hello there, is it possible to save the data coming from an external form into the c5 form-database, so one can access the data from within the backend? Hauke

Breadcrump trail design

Does anybody know where and how can i changes that Breadcrump trail does look Inline not Block. I tryed with css but no success ... :( I want that it looks like this, for example: Home Products Example1 But now I have: Home Products Example …

Image block template

I tried to add a second template to the image block which is usually quite easy, especially for such a simple block. In this case however, I've got a little problem. view.php contains just one call to getContentAndGenerate() and that's it. This make…

Nav Bar Problems

On my navigation bar, I can not go to any other page. If I'm at my home page I click (forum) and ittakes me to a page that says 404 error. I tried to change the link direction but I cant seem to find it. I need help.

Area Permissions

I try to search around the forum but i found nothing. I'm using Concrete 5.2RC2 with advanced permissions enabled. I setup my page type defaults by setting permissions in areas for restricting access to a specific group. The problem is that when i …

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