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RSS Feed From Non-Public Page List

A client of mine has a membership site that has two feeds, one for public and one for private content. We're ramping up marketing efforts, and would like to automate notifying members when there's new content, and normally I would do that by linking the R…

How to reset design

Hello everyone. A client of mine spent hours adjusting every single page inside his web individually through the design panel. Is there a way to safe these adjustments, just in case he hits »Apply to entire site« (translation from German) rather than »App…

Editing header_required links

I am trying to change what css autoloads from the site: [code] [/code] There are a lot of redundant css and I'm trying to streamline it. So I was wondering how you edit this line: [code] [/code]

Session Handling

Hi everybody, I'm wondering which method is the best and if there are some differences between them? [code] $session = Core::make('session'); $session->get('foo'); [/code]VS [code] use Session; Session::get('foo'); [/code] Thanks :) moos…

Two versions of C5 installed on same server

Is it possible to have two versions of C5 running on the same account? I am developing a clients site on the back our of ours (they have a current C5 site running on their server). But I need to take our site in C5. I have 2 separate databases which…

Crawler to build up the cache?

Hi I'd like to use a crawler to visit a site every X hours every day and visit all pages to help build up the cache. Has anyone found a good online service or got a script that can do that? Thanks Dave

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