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Login block problem

Hello · Login block will remain displayed after login · ☑ "Keep me logged in for 2 weeks" It is displayed on the right side Can you change the font size? concrete5 It is 8.4.2. Thank you.

Unable to sort Express list by date attribute

V 8.4.2 [code] $calendar = Express::getObjectByHandle('dblsession'); $list = new \Concrete\Core\Express\EntryList($calendar); if($datesort !== 'desc') { // todo this doesnt work $list->sortBySessionDate(); // asc…

Environment Specific Variables

So I was in a situation recently that I wanted to have some variables for my site at an environment level basis. In this situation, it was for Stripe test and live credentials, stuff that won't be changing and that I didn't need to be stored in the system…

Pictures upload in a self made folder

hi there is there any possibility that i can upload images in a way that there is not always a path like that: /files/6225/3658/9268/image.jpg /files/4555/7532/8863/image1.jpg rather like: files/slider-images/image.jpg files/slider-images/ima…

8.4.2 What's the alternative to redirect?

As the controller's redirect() is deprecated, what's the alternative? Someone suggested to use URL::to() instead, but it simply returns the URL, what's the actual redirect alternative? How to use the URL::to to redirect?

File sets gone

Hi, One one of my 8.4.2 web sites this morning all my file sets have gone but they are still in the sql table. The site was fine yesterday and apart from file sets being missing everything else is loading okay. Anyone know what might cause this? Best P…

Creating a new "Page Settings" panel

Is there any documentation on how to make a new panel under "Page Settings"? I'm trying to figure out how to make a new option in the same place you find options such as "Attributes", "Versions", etc.

Editing Logging

Is there any way that I could have any logs that are flagged as, say, "Error", "Critical", "Emergency" either one or any combination, email to me, so I can investigate straight away without the need to logon weekly and 'check'? Or scheduled an email nigh…

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