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Can't access the store settings

Hi I cant access the store settings because I get an error. I attached a screen shot of the error. Any help is much appreciated. Sincerely, Rob

5.7 Does the new Layout engine work with all grids?

Hi There, Does 5.7 make assumptions about how a gird is constructed? We're new to 5.7 but are having trouble with grids that divide the available space - as opposed to grids that force specific unit sizes and require a row each time units equal the …

Lots of Session Files

Hi, I have a concrete installation, but for some reason there are over 25,000 session files in /files/tmp, adding up to over 400MB - can I delete those safely?

Issue with Tool inside of Package

I am attempting to make a package that will contain a tool that will be called on attribute update. My folder structure is as follows: [code] packages --mycustomattribute --attributes --mycustomattribute --tools --mytool.php [/code]…

Form not sending mail, nor password reset

Hi, I have this pb with the form block not snding mails, and when I try to send a password request I am not receiving any mail either .... I don't know what would be the next step to troubleshoot this issue ... anyone could help please ? Many thanks

Filter userlist by address attribute

Hi Is it possible to filter a userlist by the city filed of the address attribute? I've tried $ul->filterByAttribute('location', "London", "LIKE"); where 'location' is the handle of the address attribute and $ul->filterByAttribute('ak_city', "Londo…

Conversation block custom class

Hey, How can I give the conversation block a custom class? The code below in the page_theme.php does not work. [code] public function getThemeBlockClasses() { return array( 'conversation' => array( 'myc… Autonav SEO

Hey all, As some of you know, our firm is extremely big on perfecting SEO throughout the concrete5 platform. It's important to our team and clientele that each link on the website have the proper SEO elements associated with it. In 5.6, we were able…

Event Ticket Sales System

So I've been looking for some form of open source or otherwise event ticket sales system but everything I find is hosted by the provider or self-hosted on the back of WordPress, which I refuse to use... Has anyone ever made a system in Concrete5 or know o…

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