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Help - Elemental Portfolio Project pages no longer work

I've been building a new site locally, for the first time working from the Elemental theme as suggested for newbies/numpties like me. The amendments I'd made to the standard range of page types, attributes and pages was all going fine until I started t…

How to change fieldset name.

Hi lads, Ive created fieldsets and already uploaded hundreds of images to them. But now I have to change their names. How to do that? Best regards Artur Slomowski

Problems with mobile Elegancia theme

Hi everyone, I have the Elegancia theme, but i want to make the mobile site(safari/android) responsive. The site is How do I do that? I'm a noob at this so the more information the better. I don't understan…

Error when installing

I keep getting this error after completing the site information... [code][An exception occurred while executing 'CREATE TABLE Config (configNamespace VARCHAR(255) DEFAULT '' NOT NULL, configGroup VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL, configItem VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,…

File Manager Callback

Hi, I'm working on an add on and I call the filemanager like so: [code][/code] However, once the image is chosen, I need to pass the fID to javascript to handle. How do I do that? In 5.6 I simply assigned ccm_chooseAsset to a function. I need …

PageStatistics Duplicate entry - mysql 1062 error

For the last 3 Monday mornings at pretty much exactly the same time of day, I have had a Page Statistics database issue arise on one of my sites that has caused the site to stop working. Example error message from the C5 logs (NB: The duplicate entry I…

Basket stats on e-commerce plugin

Does anybody know if we can grab any analyitcal information on stats from a funnel perspective on ecommerce. How many people had items in their basket, then emptied them etc.?! Cheers

Album - Multiple Galleries

Good afternoon, I'm looking for a simple way to display a list of galleries on a page. For Wordpress users this would be something like NextGen Gallery. Any idea of how to achieve this best? Thanks, Chris

Blog Add-On Missing in Marketplace

I have several customers in need of the update for the Blog Add-On, but its no longer in the Market place, therefore the usual update cannot be done via the Dashboard. I did download the upgrade files but haven't yet installed it. Is this add-on being …

How to reuse database query between blocks?

Hi. I have two blocks on the page and both are requesting the same stuff from the DB. How can I reduce the DB calls to one query and use the data in both blocks? Regards, Mark

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