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Magento concreate5 integration

Hi All, I would lke to integrate concreate5 into magento, i need advice from you guys aswell about this, i am new to concreate5, how can i integrate blogs and comments in to the Magento site, does C5 provide any API for that?

How to prevent access to 'Files in no sets'?

In Dashboard > File Manager, is there a way to prevent specific users or group from accessing 'Files in no sets'? I am using Advanced Permissions but could not find a way to do this. I am using

Single Page Controllers

I know this question has been asked before but struggling to get a single page controller to fire when visiting the single page in question. The single page is being installed as part of a package and the view.php file is displaying as expected but as abo…

New google mobile-algorithm

Google is changing his search algorithm on 21. April. Not mobile friendly sites will experience a loss in search rank. If you try to run this test from google on your c5 website, it will fail, altough you got a mobile friendly site:…

Wordpress in Concrete5

Hello, For the website im building in concrete5 I want to use a wordpress blog. The reason why I want a wordpress blog instead of a concrete blog is just because the wordpress blog is much easier in use. I tried the wordpress for concrete5 plugin by El…

Simpleweather.js interfering with Concrete 5.7 interface

Hi all, I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a conflict I'm having between simpleweather.js and Concrete5 5.7 interface. When I add the required [code] $(document).ready(function() { $.simpleWeather({ location: 'Tr…

New Site

What is the best way to build a new site using a theme purchased from Concrete5 while maintaining the old site?

Displaying Data

I'm so close to using C5 instead of Drupal. C5 is so much cleaner and intuitive. BUT...for the life of I can't see a way to display data entered on forms without purchasing a special add-on. I can't believe there isn't a native Forms and Display Data mod…

PHP, hardcoding, posts

Hello, I am new to concrete5. I mostly deal with wordpress. I have a new client who is wants to add specific functions to a concrete5 theme. They have chosen elemental and added ProBlog. I have read some of the documentatiion and the majority say that har…

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