Building with concrete5

multiple links

hello everyone, am new to concrete and could not add more 3-4 links (external and internal) on my gallery page: how can I add separate image groups on the same page?

RESTful with Concrete5

Hello all, I would like to know what is the best way to implement a RESTful app with Backbone and Concrete5. Thank you in advance for your help.

Rebuilding the Cache automatically

I have just finished a site that is pulling in all it's content via xml feeds from 3rd party sources. The built in c5 caching is working really nicely to help speed up the site - I have all the caching options switched on, which is giving me good results.…

Registration page

Need a bit of help to create a registration page and membership options. Ps advise

Horizontal Header navigator is missing

Hi guys Horizontal Header navigator in my new website is totally missing I use a DARK theme. If i go to Jogurt & Salad themes, I see the block : "add to sitewide header nav", which i can not see in the Dark theme. 2. In any case I m not sure how…

Href on link is not working

Hello In my theme i have changed my menu with jquery but the href link is not working. If i am opening it in new tab it is working perfectly but not working in same tab. var proxy_menu_plumbing = '

Feature Request

In File manager the ability to set permissions to multiple files at once. I have a file set with over 200 files in it and need to be able to set access permissions at once instead of 200 times. The pull down menu **With Selected does not have this option.…

generating sitemap.xml

I get "Cannot open file" error message every time I try to run the generate sitemap.xml job. I've tried to change permissions, and this has not worked. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

5.7 default page and header

I have tried to get an old theme working in 5.7 With 5. 7 I keep getting an error Call to a member function getPageThemeGridFrameworkRowStartHTML() on a non-object with this highlighted. [code][/code] Would someone please tell what I have to chan…

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