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Missing images

I have put the site in maintenance mode until I can figure out why the images are suddenly gone. I am using concrete 5.5 and all was well. Now the images are gone. Can anyone help?


So my website has broken and I have lost patience with my current hosts so i have had to find a new one. I had three domains pointed at the previous site (but only one when i first started using Concrete5. So now, what i want to know is can I transfer my …

Page attriubutes in meta description

Hello! I'm wondering is there any possibilites to add page attribute (for ex. page title) in a meta description tag? Could you give some advice?

Razor Commerce Beta

Razor Commerce is set to go into beta May 1 and will be available on GitHub. We won't be putting it into marketplace yet, we want to iron out any major issues first so probably about a 3-4 week delay. We'll be announcing the beta and providing the lin…

Theme Path after Upgrading (

Having some troubles. For some reason setThemeByPath is trying to find my theme in the updates folder. This is in the site_theme_paths.php file for a custom 404 page. The getThemePath() used throughout the templates is working ok though. (root/them…

Sort Member List -

This should be really simple (I think) but I want to sort the member list page by last name (a custom attribute) vs. the default profile ID. I've been searching and testing different things for a while with no luck. Any suggestions?

Question Regarding Paths being appended

Hello all! I wanted to post out to the community in an effort to try and pin down a recent issue I've been having in regards to pulling in custom fonts. When I initially set up my site to try and import a custom font, I followed the guide here (http…

What slider/carousel would have a set of the following options

Hello! Could you please help me with an issue: I need to add a blosck woth pictures (logos). They shouls: - be clickable (to add external links) - there should be an opportunity to resize images - opportunity to choose the amount of images showed on t…

How to add new block from another theme 5.7

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone knows how to add the fruitful slider into the elemental theme? If you have searched the 5.7 themes there is a free fruitful theme package you can use. I really like the slider they use in that theme but I want to …

Location Fileupload / Resize

Hi, We have some code to resize images. Now we need to know where to put the code. We need to know where the images are saved and in which file we can find the direction to this location.

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