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Store no longer lets me edit products

Someone has edited a product on the site. Now, when the user arrives at the product page, they can select how many they want, but previously they could only buy 1. Now, when I got into Products, It gives me: [code]An unexpected error occurred. Cal…

Adding images to Next and Previous Block

I'm using the next and previous block at the bottom of the blog pages to allows users to quickly move to other blogs. I want to add the corresponding thumbnail images from the thumbnail attribute to the next and previous block. I know the best way to s…

Adverts website

hi there I am looking for a coder who could develop a plugin or website where people can make their own adverts -> like ebay just for a specific area. Could anyone help/offer me a rough idea and a price? many thanks!

Website FROM email address

Running latest version of Concrete5 and have configured SMTP settings to send through Office365, but mail hosts say I must update the website sending FROM email address to match. How do I change the website FROM email sending address? Thanks, Chris

Express Objects in various languages

I am building a multilingual site using express objects to show a page with excursions. Will I need to build a new object for each language (i.e. excursion_de / excursion_en) or is there a more elegant way? Tx for some light on this.

Do I need a separate concrete5 install in each subdomain?

I have just upgraded my site, actually rewrote it, because my hosting company has updated php to V7.3 and my site was way back at C5 v5.6 and php 5.6.4. With only a few pages, I found it easier to just rebuild it with all the new versions. That site is …

Programmatically adding page permissions

I am trying to set page permissions programmatically in a package controller and have based this on the docs here . The …

8.4.2: tabs don't work in Account pages

I want to use tabs in the Account pages but they don't load so I have to load a tabs.js explicitly: [code] $html = $this->app->make('helper/html'); $this->addFooterItem($html->javascript($pkg->getRelativePath() . '/js/tabs.js')); [/code] but the prob…

Create a past event calendar list template

I have an event calendar working successfully on a client's website. They have now asked if there is a way to display a list of past events. Is there a simple code change to create a template that displays past events rather than future? Basically rev…

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