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Block Limits in 5.5

Hi Everyone, Have the removed or changed the setting Block limit in 5.5 Want to use this now that Global areas have replace Global Scrapbook and don't want clients adding loads of content to the Logo area in header. Thanks, Steve

Error 500 image upload

I am trying to upload an image to my file manager with no success. it's a PNG file - 1mb. the frustrating thing is that i have been able to upload other PNG's of the same dimentions with no trouble. but this one is giving me a headache. i've tried …

Problem with alignment when adding block to new layout

I am populating a page with an array of thumbnails using Popup Pro. Suddenly, when I create a new one-row, one-column layout and insert the next block into it, the block is indented and the "Add to Main: Layout" area is now to the right of the block, rath…

Can this be done? A-Z Search index

I'm currently talking to a school about a new website and this is a feature that they saw on another site while doing a bit of research. Is this something that can be configured and automated using the core or an e…

Creating a form page

I'm looking to use a forms addon inside C5 and styling and customisation looks to be an issue. I have a trusty old php form handler that I would like to try to pass in C5 however I don't think c5 like this type of stuff. Any ideas? Or how?

Simple Redirect

How do I do a simple redirect with C5? Drupal has drupal_goto(SOME_URL). I'm looking for an equivalent. Thanks

Block elements not appearing in Opera 11.6

I recently upgraded to Opera 11.6 and now all of the sites i have built in Concrete5 no longer display block information. All elements that are part of the theme display fine, but everything created in various blocks does not display. Does anyone know …

Dashboard block not getting view.css

I created a custom block to go on the News/Home page of the dashboard. (5.5.0) Everything works fine most of the time, but when I first log in and it checks for updates before showing the news feed, it doesn't get the view.css file from my block. Becau…

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