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External Forms Broken in 5.6+

After doing some google searches I was not able to find anyone else with this issue. I upgraded a site from to 5.6.0 and after the upgrade all my external forms have stopped processing. I looked at the example block included with the new C5 instal…

Problem enabling cache

have a site that has been up 8 months, and just last week, when I tried to upload photos for advance slider, it chashes the slider and light box also. I cleared the cache with no help. If I disable all cache to the site, it works fine. Need help quick t…

Hiding the sitewide name and Headernav from a Single Page

I know that concrete5 inserts the single page in between the header and footer of the theme, but what if on a certain page I want to hide these sidewide components without removing them from the rest of the site? Thanks in advance!

How to access a custom attributes in a block

I am building a site in concretet5. I have some custom attributes, and I need to show those custom attributes in page_list block. I have tried a much by searching, but did not get my result. Any help is appreciable.

Home Page Pop-Up Window/Message

I am working on a current website project using Concrete and my client wants the Home Page to have a pop-up window that display everytime the user visits the home page... The pop-up window will be used for a small email list subscribe form/function, as we…

Background Extended Block add on - assistance required

Hi, Anyone know how to use this block. The documentation says to add it to the Global Area if I want to use it for backgrounds. How can I do this? Also how do I use it for individual Block Backgrounds? Thanks Barry

The theme I am creating will not show the image or description

So I have been following the beginner guide to themeing, but unlike in the video when I go to install it I just get this blank image (see attached file)....what did I do wrong? I think it has something to do with view.php, but I find any documentation …

Can't Sign In

I am attempting to work on a site for my company's deli that they are building, but I cant log in to the site. I changed the theme the other day for temp. solution until i found a better theme (which I did), but the log in at the bottom of the page is gon…

C5 Edit Menu is empty

Please help, I have a potential customer presentation in a couple days and the admin menu went poof. The customer cancelled and then months later wants to revisit Concrete5. Fortunately I still have the site, but the admin/edit menu at the top of th…

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