Building with concrete5

Mobile theme

Is it possible to create an alternative theme for mobile devices using the same content the normal size theme or do we have to have new tree and duplicate all content ? Many thanks

Personalized Hello Addon

Hopefully someone can help me with this issue as this addon has absolutely no support or documentation. I can't quite figure out how to get it to work. The block has two boxes for each social network, one for the message and one for the like this link tex…

Adobe Edge with Concrete5

Anybody ever used Adobe Edge with Concrete5? Looking to have HTML5 for the homepage and then redirect into concrete5 from the links on the homepage. Having a hard time separating the two. Anybody had any luck with this? Am I missing something obvious? …

Adding files to file manager

Okay, so I've created a theme package with some custom icons and for the life of me, I CANNOT get the files to load into the file manager. The rest of the package loads fine?? I used the code from the documentation in my controller file, because that'…

Im Lost. Trying to make page show correctly on iphone

Ive gone through the forums and looked at andrews display setting for iphone. my website is , what happens is the fonts arent the right size and on an iphone its all jumbled. Im not quite following the tutorial correctly…

Can someone analyze this if / else hardcode autonav?

Just following hints I've been able to piece together on the forums, but clearly the else part is never being recognized. Whatever I plug in to the if statement is the only thing that gets placed on the page. [code] [/code]

custom autonav template

Hi I hav a static site that needs to be converted to c5. Simple job :). Only problem I am having is to create a autonav template to my needs. My static structure looks like this : [code] Unternehmen Produkte Service Produktkatalog P…

Stylesheet for the "add" block

How can I add a stylesheet to the dialog when you "add" a block? Point is that auto.css doesn't work. Thanks for the help.

How to duplicate a form block for different styles?

I am using Concrete5 v.5.5.1. I would like to duplicate a form block to have the form displayed in 2 different styles. The current form block has , and tags within controller.php file. That means I cannot create custom templates (or can I?). I want 2…

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