Building with concrete5

Files/Assets on a Sub-Domain

Has anyone tried to pull in files (i.e. uploaded by the file manager) via a sub-domain eg.

C5 JQuery UI Dialogue window does not auto open unless logged in??

Hi there, I'm trying to make a simple modal window pop-up after my home page has loaded using this code from the jQuery UI site demo. Problem is that the modal window will only pop up if I'm logged in to my site? Any ideas why? I've searched documen…

Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'tipsy'

So here I was marking my own reply ( as the best answer and all of a sudden nothing worked anymore. Typical case of missing graceful de…

nav-selected hickups when two pages have similar names

(probably a bug: when one page name contains another page's name, both are "nav-selected" instead of just the one that is actually active.) Hi everyone, I discovered a strange behaviour of the autonav block. I am using version Say, I…

Advanced Permissions by Page not working

I've just enabled advanced permissions on my C5 site. I followed the how-to guide in the documentation. I then created a test user to test permissions. I've have a few pages that should only be visible by REGISTERED USERS. So I've set the page-level…

No Edit Bar on Newly Created Theme

Hi all - I don't see the Edit link when applying this theme to a page. Can you see an errors or make any suggestions based upon the following code? (BTW - ugly colors on purpose while playing with theme.)

Best way to edit/update a theme suggestions

Hi all, I've recently created my first theme from an HTML document a designer built in DreamWeaver. Most things are OK - still have some learning and tweaking to do. My Question: What is the best practice for editing/updating a theme once install…

Blurry thumbnails using image helper

Has anyone had any issues with blurry thumbnails from the thumbnail helper? It even seems to be happening if I set the image size to what it actually is... The code I am using is below: [code] [/code]

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