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All Survey Results on one page

What's up? Is there a way to put all survey results on one page with all of the results tallied and added accordingly so all submissions from the Extended Form's survey can be seen at will? All the best and thanks in advance, Tim

Next page option

Hello - i need some help with a problem. I want my site to have a menu button called "name" were i will use designer content to add "posts". After posting x amount of "posts" on a page, i want the site to go to new page, so it wont be so hard to load t…


I'm looking for a Calendar -- and yes, I've looked through those currently in the marketplace -- but I haven't seen what I'm looking for. I don't consider my use to be anything strange or abstract; just a SIMPLE calendar. Basically, all front-end as fa…

Login button

How can I put a login button in my theme? Thank you

Registration Form - for users to sign up

Hello, Sorry if this is a common question, i did a search, and found nothing that could help me. What i want is a form, for people to use if they want to sign up my website. Im not sure how to configure the "submit" button, to send them an email, wit…

Is this Post Expired?

I went through this post and converted the html theme to C5, but the styles of the theme weren't displayed. Then i saw this post So what i want to know …

What method password encription

I'd like to authentication by mod_auth_mysql(with httpd). I tried sha1,md5,scrambled,crypt. could not pass. error.log said; user admin: password mismatch: /xxxx

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