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Strange issue with loading libraries

I am trying to load a library file that is a simple php file, no classes or functions. I load it the usual way, loader::library('path/to/file'); but variables that are set in the file that loads the library aren't available in the library file. Does any…

Question about editable stylesheets

Are editable stylesheets what we would need if we want to give client the ability to put a border on the containing DIV of the template that holds the editable area code?

Querying & Rendering database queries

I’m very new to website development and C5 and am trying to build a plant nursery site with potentially 100s of plants for browsing. The aim is for the user to either browse the entire collection or specify search rules to narrow the results. The results …

The MVC, Packages, and File Paths

Just finally getting feet wet with some package development and need to know how to do this: I need to basically add code to the model of another package, but obviously I can't disturb the package, so is there a way that I can, within my package, overr…

Which Stacks are used on a site

Hi all, when you delete a Stack, there's no warning at all. This seems strange, because it's very possibel that a stack is used somewhere on a page. Does anyone know if it's possible to generate a list of pages where a Stack is used? thanks in ad…

why is the index.php?cID=xx accessible ?

Hello, On a website, the pretty URL are activated, the .htaccess file is correct but when I go on, the URL is not modified. Why does the URL not modify itself into

Create Repeating DIV Blocks

Hello all, I'm turning an already built HTML site into a Concrete5 site. I've done everything without a hitch so far, but this is my first project with C5, so my knowledge is limited. I'm struggling with the final part of the site. The client has a …

Export excel

I want to export some data to excel. Since C5 doesn't have such functionality I'm trying to use PHPExcel library. I uploaded it to libraries folder and loading it with Loader::library('PHPExcel'); But I'm getting this error: require_once(\updates\concr…


I want to change the way our login/register looks. Is there anyway to do this or an ad-don that i can get? Thanks

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