Building with concrete5

install new C 5 with site back up

I have a back of my site and have to install C 5 again how can I restore my old site in new C5 installation thanks for your help

Hide elements for certain groups

Hey guys, I've been working with HTML/CSS for a while, but all this PHP is new to me. For a part of my website, I want content enclosed in a to be hidden or displayed depending on whether a user is part of a certain group. How on earth do I do that? The…

Keep getting signed out and can't add blocks

I have a website that was working just fine 2 days ago. I went in to add some content on one of the pages and when I click add block > content the box pops up but nothing happens. I installed a new add on two days ago, but the site was working f…

show autonav items at current level except current page

I'm trying to work out how I can get a sidebar nav to show just the pages at the current level, EXCEPT for the current page. It doesn't seem possible to do this with the autonav options, so any ideas on how to achieve it. I'm happy to do it through a cust…

Image Map

Is it possible to use an image map in a C5 image block? And if so, how?

How to hardcode an image into theme, uploaded through dashboard?

Hello world! I am trying to do the following: I wish to hardcode an image into a theme in a way, that would allow the user to change the picture by simply uploading a picture with a specific name. The point is: I want to have an image, which is an image-…

image gallery

I saw a video on Vimeo that had the gallery that looks like it would be perfect for my site, but it never mentions the name of the add-on. Anyone happen to know which one it is? This is it: Thanks, Greg

Video Upload

Hi, I know there is a limit for file uploads while using concrete5, but I am wondering if there is any possible way to upload a larger video file. If not, would anyone suggest uploading the video to another online source and than using a video add on …

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