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End-user editable? Or hard-coded?

Since I'm new to C5, I'm a bit curious what the overall thinking is when it comes to allowing users to control certain sections of a site. There seem to be so many different ways to "skin this cat" that I think I'm getting confused. Most, if not all, …

css with a block?

So here where I am. I added the html for a menu that I want to create as a block. I create a html block and added the html for the menu in there. I included the css link which is this:

can you make a menu using blocks?

I am used to creating menu via css and menu generators. C5 menu's seems way too complicated and I would rather not pay for a add on when I an easily build one myself. Question is, can I make a content holder or like an include tag using blocks? I want …

Customer Choice Text box showing on Product Page

I am having trouble with adding a customer choice text area to a product. When I add this to a product, it is showing up on the product list instead of just on the product page itself. How can I get this not to show on my product list?

sitemap priority field

Here's an example of a generated sitemap. Concrete5 does a pretty good job of guessing the priority field, but it's not quite what I want. For example, Privacy is being set to .4, but I really want it at .2. Changin…

Set selected item in an autonav

I have a case where I need the ability to set the selected/current item in an autonav and was wondering if anyone had done this before. What we have is this hierarchy of pages: Venues (hidden) - Venue A - Venue B Dining Entertainment There …

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